At Bill Brown Elementary School we promote academic excellence, family/community involvement, and are dedicated to making each student feel valued. Our highest goal is that each student reaches their maximum potential. We are truly ONE TEAM at BBES! 
As we continue to grow, we will hold true to our traditions and the community feel we all love and cherish. At the same time, we place your child’s safety as our top priority. We know you have entrusted us with your children, and we take this gift very seriously. It is a priority that our school provides effective communication and a safe environment for our BBES families. 
Our other top priorities include robust leadership, impactful teaching, and a thriving school culture. We stay connected with families through weekly newsletters and social media. We celebrate the accomplishments of our students and staff, boosting their social and emotional development and strengthening our bond with the community. 
We lay a strong foundation in reading and math, while also empowering teachers and fostering a collaborative spirit. We deeply engage with parents and the community and cultivate a sense of belonging. 
We’re grateful for our current families and excited to welcome new ones! Join us at Brown Elementary, as we focus on every student reaching their potential! Here's to a great year Trailblazers! One Team, One Goal, No Limits!
Ashley Jackson
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Twitter: @BillBrownElem
District Website: www.comalisd.org
Bill Brown Website: https://bbes.comalisd.org