Graduating Seniors Choose Military Service, Career

May 31, 2023 - This year, 44 Comal ISD students have chosen to serve in the U.S. military upon graduation either as enlistees or through military academies and ROTC scholarships.

For Elijah Hime, who enlisted in the U.S. Army and left for basic training days after graduating from Memorial Early College High School, military service will provide him with the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of his father and great grandfather.

“I chose the Army for the mental, physical and monetary benefits it will provide me, in that order,” Hime says. “It will give me mental resiliency and a path to accomplish whatever I wish to seek, both outside and within the military. Additionally, I will be doing a job that will benefit not only myself but hopefully many others.”

Here is a list of Comal ISD students who have chosen to serve in the military from the Class of 2023 by military branch.

Air Force

  • Canyon High School: Gian-Marco Gonzales
  • Canyon Lake High School: Gwenyth McCutchen


  • Canyon High School: Joshua Bassette and Luis Pineda
  • Canyon Lake High School: Michael Alexander, Kyle Dingeldein, Jesse Luna, Alyssa Norton and Justin Torres
  • Comal Academy: Jesus Garcia Gutierrez
  • Memorial Early College High School: Elijah Hime
  • Smithson Valley High School: Luke Brandner, Christian Campos, Jalen Polk, Justin Schrubb, Victoriano Villarreal and Olivia Ward

Army National Guard

  • Canyon Lake High School: Ryan Verette
  • Smithson Valley High School: Cara Wilks 


  • Davenport High School: William Noah Mosley III – received a U.S. Army National Scholarship worth more than $178,000 to attend the Citadel

Coast Guard

  • Canyon High School: Derek Borrego
  • Smithson Valley High School: Gunnar Kelley


  • Canyon High School: Benjamin Martinez Torres
  • Canyon Lake High School: Dakoda Clark and Nathan Dunn
  • Smithson Valley High School: Jabin Allen, Corry Coleman, Dylan Hager, Donovan Hays and Samuel Morris


  • Canyon High School: Ryan DeBolt, Nathan Lewis, Haylie O’Neal and Rayven Palmer
  • Comal Academy: Jakota Leon Sizelove
  • Smithson Valley High School: Kevin Patterson 

United States Air Force Academy

  • Smithson Valley High School: Madisyn Maley

United States Naval Academy

  • Smithson Valley High School: Gavin Woods

United States Military Academy West Point

  • Smithson Valley High School: Trieste Perciavalle

ROTC Scholarships

  • Canyon High School: Luke Gately – Navy ROTC at Texas A&M University
  • Davenport High School:
    • Delando Johnson – Army ROTC at Prairie View A&M University
    • Caleb Starjak – Navy ROTC with Marine Corps option at Texas A&M University worth $180,000
    • Madison Sunstrom receiving a 3-year U.S. Army National Scholarship to Texas State University worth $46,200
  • Smithson Valley High School: Nolan Larson – Army ROTC at Texas A&M University


-Upon graduating from Memorial Early College High School, Elijah Hime enlisted in the U.S. Army.

-Canyon High School students

-Canyon Lake High School students planning to serve in the military are pictured here. Front row from left is Michael Alexander, Kyle Dingeldein, Alyssa Norton and Gwen McCutchen. Back row from left is Nathan Dunn, Justin Torres, Dakoda Clark and Ryan Verette.

-Four students from Davenport High School received ROTC scholarships. Pictured from left is Delando Johnson, Caleb Starjack, William Noah Mosley III and Madison Sunstrom.

-Students from Smithson Valley High School have chosen to serve in the military. Front row from left is Gunnar Kelley, Luke Brandner, Justin Schrubb, Chrsitian Campos, Victoriano Villarreal and Olivia Ward. Back row from left is Kevin Patterson, Jabin Allen, Donovan Hays, Corry Coleman, Dylan Hager and Samuel Morrris.



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